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Bowling in Mikołajki: The perfect evening at Robert's Port Hotel!

Bowling in Mikołajki: The perfect evening at Robert's Port Hotel!

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26 September 2023
27 September 2023
  1. The best hotel for families
  2. Kręgielnia Mikołajki: Perfekcyjny Wieczór w Hotelu Robert's Port!
30. 6. 2023

Looking for the perfect place in Mikolajki where you can combine relaxation with fun and competition? You've just found it! Here is the Mikolajki Bowling Alley in the new Robert's Port Hotel building - a place where bowling, billiards and a party atmosphere go hand in hand.

The newly opened bowling alley in Mikolajki is part of a complex that also houses a nightclub. Imagine a well-equipped bar, professional bowling lanes and pool tables - all in one place. Whether you're an experienced player or just starting out on your bowling adventure, there's something for everyone here.

Not convinced? Here are some arguments:

  1. Professionalism at every turn: Our bowling alley in Mikolajki offers modern bowling lanes, perfectly prepared for competition at every level.
  2. Billiards for the discerning: In addition to bowling lanes, we also have professional billiard tables. Ideal for those who want to face their friends in a slightly different competition.
  3. Excellent atmosphere: Thanks to its connection with the nightclub, our bowling alley in Mikolajki is the perfect place for an evening with friends, family or even a team-building meeting with colleagues.
  4. Excellent bar: When you want a break from bowling or billiards, you can enjoy delicious drinks served in our well-equipped bar.

There is no shortage of venues in Mikolajki that offer entertainment. But if you want to combine sporting competition with an unforgettable party, there is no better place than the Mikolajki bowling alley at Robert's Port Hotel.

Enjoy an unforgettable evening among friends, full of excitement, competition and great fun. Mikolajki bowling alley is waiting for you!

The history of bowling in a nutshell

Bowling is a sport with a rich and fascinating history, dating back thousands of years. The first records of bowling date back to around 3200 BC in ancient Egypt. Archaeological excavations have uncovered objects resembling balls and bowling pins in tombs. In ancient Rome, on the other hand, a game that involved rolling a stone ball towards specific targets was popular.

The modern game of bowling as we know it today was popularised in Europe, mainly in Germany during the Middle Ages. There it became part of religious rituals. The person who knocked over the 'skittles' (which symbolised sins) was considered free of them.

In the 20th century, bowling became hugely popular, especially in the United States, where it began to be seen as a great form of entertainment for the whole family. Today, bowling is popular all over the world, and the bowling alley in Mikolajki at Robert's Port Hotel fits into this global tradition, offering locals and tourists a great opportunity to have a good time.

Who is bowling for? Literally for everyone!

Bowling is a sport that does not exclude anyone. Regardless of age, experience or physical condition - everyone can join in and enjoy the game. Families with children, groups of friends, couples or the elderly - the bowling alley in Mikolajki at Robert's Port Hotel is the place for everyone. Even if you've never been exposed to the sport before, our state-of-the-art bowling alley offers the perfect environment to learn the basics and gradually improve your skills.

Does bowling require special preparation?

Absolutely not! This is one of the beautiful aspects of the game. You don't need any special equipment or clothing. All you need to bring with you is good energy and a willingness to play. At our bowling alley in Mikolajki, we provide everything you need to play - from shoes to bowling pins. If you are a beginner, our instructors will be happy to give you some tips on how to get started. Bowling is all about having fun, relaxing and competing in a friendly atmosphere. Get ready for exciting moments and unforgettable memories!

Family bowling moments

Bowling is one of the few forms of entertainment that is perfect for people of all ages - from the youngest kids to seniors. The reunion of families in competition, the fun and excitement accompanying each throw create unforgettable memories.

At Robert's Port Hotel, we appreciate the importance of spending quality time with the family. That's why we regularly organise family bowling tournaments, where families can face each other in friendly competition while spending time together in a fun atmosphere. It doesn't matter if you're an experienced player or if it's your first steps on the bowling lane - it's an opportunity to strengthen family ties and create beautiful memories. Laughing together, dealing with failures and celebrating successes teaches children valuable lessons and has the effect of strengthening relationships within the family.

So if you're looking for the perfect family outing, bowling at Robert's Port Hotel is waiting for you! We invite you to join our bowling community and enjoy this great pastime.

Benefits of bowling

While bowling may seem like just a form of relaxation and entertainment, it also has many health and well-being benefits.

1. improved motor coordination:
Regular bowling helps to develop eye-hand coordination. Accurate throws require focus and accuracy, which in turn influences the development of large and small muscle motor skills.

2. muscle strengthening:
When bowling, we activate various muscle parts, especially in the arms, back and legs. Regularly throwing the ball, which usually weighs between 5 and 16 pounds, strengthens our muscles.

3 Stress reduction:
Bowling is a great way to de-stress after a hard day. Fun, competition and movement help reduce tension and improve mood.

4. Social integration:
Bowling is a team game, which promotes relationship building and bonding with others. It is also a great opportunity to integrate into the work environment or with friends.

5 Improved concentration:
Focusing on the target and the accuracy of your throws promotes the development of concentration skills, which are useful in many other areas of life.

Playing bowling in Mikolajki in the modern bowling alley of Robert's Port Hotel is not only great fun, but also an investment in your health and well-being. We invite you to experience these benefits for yourself!

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