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04 August 2021
05 August 2021
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Attractions for the whole family

Both children and adults are most welcome to enjoy our Wellness Zone at the Robert’s Port Hotel. Yet, remember! The Sauna World is destined for adults only. Stay active! Our Wellness Zone is just perfect for all kinds of activities! Everyone finds here something for themselves! Children love our warm paddling pool with a slide and the Zorba ball!

Recreational pool

An indoor recreational pool (15 m x 5 m, 135 cm deep) with various water attractions, such as: counter-current, Scotch douche and waves. Water temperature: 27 - 30˚C.


One of the most popular water massage forms which has a wide palette of health-giving properties to offer. Such a warm bath (about 40 ˚C) with bubbles heals your soul and restores your internal balance.

Paddling pool for children

Bathing in the paddling pool is not only relaxing! It stimulates your child’s immune system and fitness. A star of the pool is the elephant-like slide. The paddling pool is destined for children over 3 years old. Depth: 50 cm. Water temperature: 30 - 32˚C.

Finnish sauna

Relaxing doesn’t necessarily mean lazing around. Take care of your health as well! A bath in the Finnish sauna is an excellent prophylaxis form against cold. In such a simple, yet very effective manner, you can boost your circulation, detoxify your body, calm down your mind and soothe your soul. The air temperature amounts to 90-100˚C, the relevant humidity level reaches barely 10%.

Steam bath

This refreshing procedure penetrates your skin, making it clean, well-moisturised and regenerated. Your body is smooth and firm again! Especially recommended in case of rheumatic diseases and problems with upper respiratory tracts.

The temperature in steam room amounts to 40- 55˚C, humidity is 100%.

Infrared Sauna

The radiators used for the procedure heat the body up in a manner similar to the Sun (without the harmful UV radiation) and thereby they effectively stimulate the circulation system. With one session already, we can burn even up to 900 calories. The pleasant temperature of 60˚C in the infrared cabin allows us to stay here for up to 30 minutes without burdening our heart and circulation system.

Kneipp path

It’s a dynamic bath variation of feet which are immersed alternately in cold and warm water bowls. Such a stimulation of blood vessels effectively improves the blood circulation and elasticity of the blood vessels.

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