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20 January 2020
21 January 2020

Passenger Shipping Mikołajki

A part of the hotel premises is a modern, in 2016 renovated inland shipping harbour. More than 200 metres of the coastline infrastructure serves both the hotel fleet and sailors or helmsmen cruising the Great Masurian Lake Trail

. The hotel’s sailing history dates back to the 80s of the 20th century when the hotel owner – Mr Robert Śliwiński set on his trip towards the shipping adventure around the Masurian lakes. Even though that first ship has retired already, the fleet is getting bigger and bigger with every single year. At present, our fleet at the Robert’s Port Hotel consists of four passenger ships which can take as many as 568 guests on board. It’s the second biggest passenger fleet in Masuria.

Fleet of passenger ships of the Robert’s Port Hotel

The fleet of ship at the passenger Hotel Robert's Port include:

Ships for passenger are waiting in ports:

  • the largest in Masuria K. I. Gałczyński for 250 passengers ,

  • Mikołajki ship for 150 people,

  • Kazimierz for 120 people ,

  • Sibyl ship for 48 persons .

on the promenade in Mikołajki (Aleja Żeglarska between bridges),

  • in Ruciane-Nida,

  • in the port of Hotel Robert's Port in Stare Sady.


Behold the beautiful Masuria as you have never beheld it thus far. Each and every single cruise across the Great Masurian Lake Trail fills your heart with joy and craving for new discoveries. Listen to the soothing sounds of water murmuring, admire the breathtaking views from the deck. Immerse in your oasis of relaxation.

K. I. Gałczyński Ship

Suits larger banquets and company events just splendidly. Arranged in a classic, elegant fashion. On the covered deck, catering or dinner for up to 150 people can be served. And the views stretching from the spacious observation deck will simply take your breath away. The Masurian landscapes in their prime.

Mikołajki Ship

Classic and spacious – that’s the Mikołajki ship in the nutshell. Perfect for elegant parties. Below deck, there’s a cosy restaurant with 60 sitting places. Companies and corporations choose this ship for their banquets and dinners on the water.

Kazimierz Ship

A heated ship with a stylish wooden bar, equipped with alcohols from all the four corners of the world and various snacks. Parties, banquets, family and company events held on Kazimierz’s deck are truly impressive and totally unforgettable!

Sybilla Ship

The smallest and quickest ship of the whole Robert’s Port Hotel fleet. Sybilla can reach every harbour and almost every footbridge in Masuria. A perfect choice for sightseeing and smaller receptions.

Where can you find our ships?

The ships depart the Mikołajki harbour at the Żeglarska Alley – located between the car bridge and the pedestrian bridge or the harbour in Ruciane-Nida as well as the harbour by the Robert's Port Hotel.

Tickets can be bought at the ticket office in the port or from the captain of the ship.


Valid within 1 V - 30 IX
The shipowner reserves the right to change the price list and the cruise time and time.
For more information, please call +48 503 018 600

Cruise route

time to

time to Normal Ticket (5-12 year)
Hotel Robert's Port - Mikołajki 08:45 09:05 10 zł n.d.
Mikołajki - jez. Śniardwy - Mikołajki 10:00 11:30 30 zł 20 zł
Mikołajki - jez. Śniardwy - Mikołajki 12:00 13:30 30 zł 20 zł
Mikołajki - jez. Śniardwy - Mikołajki 14:00 15:30 30 zł 20 zł
Mikołajki - jez. Śniardwy - Mikołajki 16:00 17:30 30 zł 20 zł
Mikołajki - Ruciane Nida 10:00 12:30 45 zł 30 zł
Mikołajki - Ruciane Nida - Mikołajki 10:00 16:30 70 zł 45 zł
Ruciane Nida - jez. Śniardwy - Mikołajki 13:45 16:00 45 zł 30 zł
Mikołajki - Hotel Robert's Port 17:30 17:50 10 zł n.d.

Passenger Shipping in Mikołajki

Shipowner: Robert Śliwiński
The port at Aleja Żeglarska in Mikołajki (between the car bridge and pedestrian bridge)
tel. +48 503 018 600

  • Hotel Robert' s Port guests will receive a 10% discount (upon presentation of a hotel card).
  • For school groups and above 15 people & oacute; b prices are set individually - tel; +48 503 018 600 .
  • Children up to 5 years old free of charge.
  • Discounts do not add up.

"Tałty" barge for rent

Port Hotel Robert's Port offers for rent a floating device "TAŁTY" entered in the administrative register of Polish inland waterway vessels under the number GŻ-03-0060 intended for hydrotechnical works

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