Hotel Robert's Port ****, Mikołajki


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04 August 2021
05 August 2021
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Moor in hotel's port

In the port waiting for guests:

We offer Masurian water sportsmen a modernized, modern inland navigation port. The port's length (200 m) allows the reception of large and small vessels, including passenger ships, as well as private boats, sails and yachts.

Visitors to the marina will also find a relaxation area in the form of a beach with free WiFi and a green meadow with deckchairs.;

The port belongs directly to the Hotel Robert's Port.

  • a modern and functional captain's office;
  • access to sanitary 
  • sprinklers for Guests staying on boats,
  • water equipment rental, including: kayaks, pedalos, rowing and motor boats.

Marina on Tałty lake

The port is open: 15 April - 30 June from 8:00 to 16:00 1 July - 31 August from 8:00 to 20:00 1 September - 15 October from 8:00 to 18:00

Price list for services in marina for 2019

Type of service


Post for the night of the vessel

- connecting the unit to the power supply,
- sanitary package: shower, toilet, external wash basin with hot water.

120 PLN / day
Manual emptying of the waste container from the unit 10 PLN/ item
Launching the boat (one way) without service 50 PLN/ item
Launching the boat (one way) with staff 80 PLN/ item
Launching the scooter (one way) without service 30 PLN/ item
Launching the scooter (one way) with support 50 PLN/ item

* The above prices are net prices and should be added 23% VAT due

Price list of water equipment rentals for2019

Attraction type Price for 1h Price for 1h
Cruise on a passenger ship from 20 PLN / person determined individually
Waterbus VW Beetle & nbsp; (4 - person) 35 PLN -
Canoe (2 people) 20 PLN 40 PLN
Motorized 6-seater & nbsp; Corsiva 470 (9.9 hp) 120 PLN area. 5h 10% discount
Motorized 5-seater Bayliner (155 HP ) 550 PLN determined individually
Rowing boat 15 PLN 30 PLN
Fishing rod 10 PLN 30 PLN

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