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21 April 2021
22 April 2021
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Barge in Masuria for rent

Port Hotel Robert's Port offers for rent a floating device "TAŁTY" entered in the administrative register of Polish inland waterway vessels under the number GŻ-03-0060 intended for hydrotechnical works.


Barka spełnia wymogi dyrektywy P.E. 2016/1629 oraz wymagania administracyjne.

Barka eksploatowana była przy pracach hydrotechniczny między innymi przy budowie nadbrzeża portowego w Mikołajkach oraz budowie śluzy Guzianka II spełniając wszystkie oczekiwania wynajmujących.

"TAŁTA" barge - purpose

Barge 'Tałty' is intended for daytime operation in area II . The payload for the goods on board is max 130 t with a local load of 2T / m2; . The deck structure includes reinforced running belts allowing entry of typical construction equipment onto the watercraft & ndash; crane or excavator. The hull of the barge is divided into 7 tank  in watertight enabling proper ballasting of the unit during entry and work. The barge is adapted for pushing or towing thanks to a special design that allows you to connect the barge and pusher into one unit.

Steel structure, welded, flat bottom, full deck works well during:

  • technical work carried out on the water,

  • Freight transport & shipping in inland shipping,

  • transport of parts and material for construction,

  • allows entry of land equipment (cars - concrete mixers, concrete pumps, cranes, excavators, vibratory hammers, piling machines, etc.)

  • scaffolding settings.


Ship owner: captain Robert Śliwiński (+48 503 018 600), Cruise Shipping Mikołajki, Stare Sady 4, 11-730 Mikołajki, tel.: 87 429 84 17, e-mail:

Parametry techniczne barki "TAŁTY"

Barge parameters:

General dimensions of the ship (to pass through water structures)

Rich deck equipment:

  • length 27.96 m
  • 7 m wide
  • total draft 0.85 m
  • freeboard 15 cm
  • load capacity 128,400 t

two bow anchors and two stern anchors:

  •  The largest length is 31.90 m
  • The largest width is 7.10 m
  • Highest draft 0.85 m
  • Maximum crossing height 1.40 m
  • Minimum intersection height 1.40 m

anchors located in the hatch on board operated by a hand-lift;

  • mooring bollard arranged in pairs on the deck in the fore and aft areas;
  • demountable handrail;
  • portable inclinometer for working with construction machines informing the operator about the possibility of exceeding the permissible angle of heel;
  • tanks hull - tank access and oval; through hatches on board.


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